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Financing Programs Available:

Pay Min Amount Every Month with Deferred Interest ( no Min Req )

The Interest Deferred during the promotion period. To Avoid paying interest charges, the entire balance must be pain off in full at the end of the promotional period.


Pay Equal Payments ( Min $499 Purchase Required ) with no Interest.

Equal Monthly Payments during promo period interest does not accrue during promo period. Designed to pay off balance in full within promo period.

No other promotions or coupons can be used with financing.

Furniture Store NYC credit card issued by GE Money. Terms and Conditions applies to purchase charged with approved Credit Card. Customer won't be charged Interest during promotional period, unless customer will be late on payment(s) or balance remains after promotional period. Regular APR will be applied to the remaining balance. APR can be as much as 27.99%. APR may vary. Customer must pay minimum required monthly payment. No Minimum purchase required. ( Best applies for customer, who interesting to pay balance in full within promotional period - 12 months )
No Promotions can be apply with Financing. ( can not use any coupons )

For any questions information how to apply Call our Office at 866-647-8070

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Phone: 866-647-8070