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Coaster Bunk Beds

Coaster Bunk Beds: Twin/ Twin or Twin / Full Bunk Beds by Coaster with Trundle or Drawers

Coaster bunk beds are unique in the sense that they emphasize a lot on providing the maximum application for your space. These bunk beds are primarily made of wood and veneered to varied shades. Over 10 models are currently marketed by the company. Of these, most are in varied shades of white. Some of the bunk beds are refreshing in the sense that they can be converted to provide seating arrangement too. The products manufactured by Coaster are marked by easy installations, and a versatility that is rarely achieved in such types of furniture. The pieces are designed in such a way that they would be able to take the combined weight of the entire setup. And this does not change with the material that goes into making the sets. Most of the bunk beds that Coaster furniture produces are capable of housing two persons. They can be ideal for places where space is a constraint. Coaster even has a baby bunk set on their catalog. The hardware of the bunk bed comes in variants of metal and wood. The wooden body products come in a tone of white, while the metal may retain their original shade or a chrome finish. The range of products in the catalog Coaster bunk beds are designed for a varied purpose.

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