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Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge

If you are a fun and comfort loving person, then this might be the best choice for you because then you can enjoy it at its optimum level. It is very well constructed with eight hundred individual wrapped coils along with foam encasing of improved and high quality foam. The mattress is also well designed with a number of visible layers and a soft and luxurious touch. It looks very sophisticated in the accent of light grey, deep grey and ribbons of black. It is a ten inches high mattress which gives a spongy and bouncy feel and is expected to give you a sound and a peaceful sleep. A variety of its types are available for you, so that you may choose according to your requirement. They are sold in the categories of Rest recharge, pillow top, plush and firm mattresses. It is available in King size, Queen Size and twin pair. You may make your choice according to the size of your bed. Considering your need of more beds, you may opt for the twin pair. The mattress gives a non- prorated warranty of ten long years. So keeping in mind its level of comfort and durability, you can wisely make it your final choice.

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