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Simmons Beauty Sleep

Since it is very important to have a comfortable mattress in your bedroom, never take a bad decision of buying a cheap mattress for your bed. It will finally give you a backache or a terrible headache every morning. So it’s better for you to make a better choice of mattress, considering the level of comfort that it will provide. Like all the other luxurious mattresses, this one is also made up of seven hundred individual wrapped coils and is beautifully encased in foam. An added advantage is that specially soft and spongy foam of improved quality has been used in it to add extra bounce to it. It is covered with a durable satin finish fabric of light grey shade. A dark grey shaded ribbon has been used to add extra attraction. This mattress also offers a warranty (none prorated) of ten years and at the same time promises you a good sleep at all the times. It is not only available in Plush, but also in luxurious top and firm mattress. The mattress provides you such a level of comfort and supports that once you get into the habit of sleeping on it, you will never shift to any other mattress

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