Memory Foam mattress

A Memory Foam mattress is a great addition to any bed, but they can also be great stand-alones for sleeping, camping, or even guests. A lot of Memory Foam mattresses are actually designed with temporary use in mind, but they are becoming more and more common on a full-time scale.

I have used two different Memory Foam mattresses in my time, one for a pretty permanent use and one for just a small amount of time. One of them I used while I was working way down south on a construction crew. We would say in this house, but since there were only a few beds, a lot of us had to sleep on the floor. So, all week, I would sleep on this roll-up Memory Foam mattress at night, and then go to work during the day. This worked very well actually, especially considering the fact that I had originally tried to just sleep on a sleeping bag at first. A sleeping bag, however, turned out to be way too harsh on my back. I also tried a blow up mattress, but needing to air it up every night make it inconvenient compared to the Memory Foam mattress.

I also used a Memory Foam mattress topper at home on top of my regular mattress. I would put it underneath my sheet, and use it to make my bed more comfortable than it normally was. This actually turned out to be a very effective strategy. For just a few dollars, I bought the Memory Foam from a local home décor furnishings store and put it on. It has lasted and worn well ever since! I actually did replace it a few times, just to get new Memory Foam… but this was well worth the extra comfort I got from it. I would definitely recommend a Memory Foam mattress, especially as a supplement to your regular mattress.