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Hallway Furniture

Hallway Furniture, Modular Systems, Wardrobes

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Be Creative when Choosing Hallway Furniture

When someone enters your home for the first time, your front hallway should give a great first impression. Like the rest of your house, your hallway should reflect something about the people who live there. You can start with a fresh coat of paint in a sunny yellow or calming green, but eventually you’ll want to add hallway furniture to add to the ambience. It could be any style from the most traditional antique to the most futuristic and modern piece, but it should be reflective of your style, and it should be scaled properly for your hallway.   Many people, particularly those not blessed with lots of closet space, will want to add a hall tree as one of the first pieces of hallway furniture. Perfect for hanging hats, handbags, and coats, hall trees come in some beautiful and imaginative styles as well as more traditional, dark wood styles. A mirror is another great idea for your hallway. Not only does it reflect light and open up the area, it gives you one last look at your outfit before you head out the door. Mirrors are also terrific for helping narrow hallways feel less closed in.    

Other hallway furniture can be very imaginative. Many people place a narrow side table in the hallway, perhaps with a vase of flowers or a conveniently placed telephone. Homes with children can become much more functional if the hallway features a handy bench (perhaps with built-in storage) for removing muddy shoes and boots. Some of these benches also feature high backs with pegs for hanging up jackets, hats and scarves. These can be very handy when trying to get your brood out the door at the beginning of the day.   For a quieter, more “adult” home, you may want to place a small bookcase stocked with a few of the classics to give an intelligent, tasteful feel to the hallway. A slim, beautiful lamp placed atop will look nice and provide needed illumination after dark. Some people prefer to have their hallway lead to one special piece of furniture that is showcased at the end of the hallway, and this can be a very good way to draw attention to a piece of furniture you love and want to show off.   There is no one “right” way to furnish your home’s hallway. Try to keep it uncluttered and easy to traverse, provide any necessary lighting, plus a hall tree or pegs for hanging up guest coats, and you’ll have a lovely entrance to your home where you’ll be proud to welcome your guests.

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