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It isn’t everyday that you go to looking to buy a new table. The dining table is taken to be the most essential piece of furniture in most homes. Just as any home would vary in the space and materials and design, so will the dining table these days. They vary in colour, materials used, space offered and the number of people they can seat. A while back, dining tables were considered just regular furniture among the regular households and were usually made off of a block of oak or pine or some other hard wood. Pine was especially a favourite to many as it had a rustic shady feel to it. Even today most dining tables are made of oak or pine base wood. The shiny grainy surfaces we normally see are achieved by the addition of some sort of a veneer. And they are all available for sale at the Illinois Furniture store.

Wood still remains as the primary choice of material for the dining tables. Glass or Marble tops are also used in some cases instead of an all wooden top. This trend began as all wooden top tables are harder to maintain and is more prone to scratches and stains. The base of the tables these days vary between all metal, all wooden and even a combination of these two in some cases. Science has also made dining table better. These are the dining tables made of a resin material that is a bad conductor of heat and these happen to be scratch resistant too. At the Illinois Furniture store we have tables that come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. It used to be just choices between the square and the rectangular tables in the old days. Now days with spaces in the house being limited, there are also a wide range of tables in other shapes and sizes to suit your room better. A round table that would easily seat close to 6 people in comfort is a great addition if you are running low on space.

Most of the round tables are also called pedestal tables. Just like a pedestal fan, they have just one stem connecting it to the base, and it is at the centre. This allows for people sit more comfortable as there aren’t any table legs to mess with their feet. Dropleaf table is a good option if you have a many a company coming over for dinner every once in a while. They can also be folded down on the edges to form a small table, and can be lifted up to form a bigger table. It’s just a simple hinge mechanism that keeps them up and then folds them away.