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Istikbal Furniture

Istikbal Furniture

Istikbal Furniture on FurnitureStoreNYC - Convertible Sofa Beds, Sectionals

Shop a huge selection of Istikbal products at FurnitureStoreNYC and save up to 65%. Affordable local and nationwide delivery with easy returns on most entryway, sofa beds, convertible sectionals!

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Istikbal Furniture Brings Innovation to your Living Room

Whether you are thinking about redecorating your living room, or if you’re moving and will be starting from scratch, you have a lot to think about. The first thing you must consider is how you plan to use the room. Will it be a more formal room for entertaining, or will it be more of a family room for hanging out, watching movies, and playing console games? Will you want a sleeper sofa to accommodate overnight guests? Whatever your plans for your living room, manufacturers like Istikbal furniture make a huge range of designs for you to choose from.  The next thing you’ll have to consider is how large the room is. Consider the ceiling height as well. If you will be replacing your current furniture, measure the furniture you have and write down those measurements, even if you want different sized new furniture. If you know, for example, that your current sofa measures 78 x 35 x 38 inches in length, width, and height, but you want something bigger, you’ll be able to know instantly by the measurements if a new piece is a contender. With most Istikbal furniture, you can find out the measurements online, for added convenience.  

Besides function and size, you’ll want to indulge your own taste and style when decorating your living room. Do you want bold, bright colors, or subdued and cool neutrals? Or maybe you’d like some of each. Don’t be afraid to go beyond what you see in magazines and idea houses, which are designed to please the masses rather than you. Do you prefer more traditional sofas and wingback chairs, or are you more into contemporary lines? Furniture is a big investment, so you want to get something you’ll love to come home to.

If you have a smaller living room or home, or your home is short on closet space, look for living room furniture with built in storage space. Istikbal furniture makes lots of amazing designs that have unsuspected storage space built right in. By choosing furniture that incorporates storage space, you and your children will have an easier time keeping everyday clutter under control. And of course, if you have children and / or pets, you’ll want to choose furniture with coverings that stand up spills and hair. Fortunately, many of today’s top designs come with easy care coverings. Decorating a living room should be fun, so don’t be afraid to choose styles that express your personality and that accommodate your home’s specific needs.  Your bedroom is not only where you spend approximately one-third of your life, it is for many people a place of retreat from the chaos of the outside world. By making your bedroom into a welcoming, comfortable room, you give yourself the gift of better relaxation, letting you give your best when you have to be busy with your job or with the intricacies of managing a family and household. Istikbal furniture has a large selection of bedroom furniture, making it easy to get just the “look and feel” you want in your space.

Some people prefer traditional bedroom furniture, with carved wood headboards, four-poster beds, or cozy and luxurious sleigh bed designs. Perhaps they have wonderful memories of their grandparents’ house when they were little, or maybe they just like the warm look that traditional furniture gives a bedroom. Istikbal Living Room Sets offers a number of traditional bedroom styles, with all the traditional touches, like carved wood, beautifully turned furniture legs, and traditional drawer hardware. And many of the designs also cleverly incorporate storage space, to help you keep bedroom clutter to a minimum. Other people like the contemporary, urban look of sleek, geometric pieces and modern finishes in colors like black or white, or European style blond finishes, and Istikbal furniture makes many such designs. Many of the more contemporary pieces also come in rich wood tones, echoing the feelings of early 20th century Bauhaus and Art Deco designs, which are both contemporary and timeless. You can also get futuristic platform beds with built-in storage, and unexpectedly stylish combinations of dark and light finishes.

If you live in a small studio apartment, then your living room space doubles as sleeping space, so you have to choose wisely to get something that looks inviting and “homey” during the day, but which provides comfortable sleeping space at night. Day beds and futons are other options for those who have to combine sleeping space with living space. Many of the latest designs are engineered so that they perform both functions flawlessly, allowing you to make the absolute most of limited space.   Space saving designs are also important when furnishing children’s bedrooms. Loft beds and bunk beds are great solutions for maximizing floor space while looking great. And many designs for kids’ rooms are made to work from preschool all the way till college.  Furnishing your bedroom should have the ultimate goal of providing you and your family with durable, attractive furniture that turns your little corner of the world into an inviting, relaxing haven from the bustle of the outside world.

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