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Mem. Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

It is a known fact that a comfortable mattress is a key for a better sleeping experience. The manufacturers claim that these mattresses, made of memory foam, are more comfortable and at the same time healthier than other ones. Most of them have removable zippered covers, which gives an easy access for cleaning at any time. Moreover, the covers are of non- skid type that gives extra grip to the body. These mattresses have a special air-flow pressure relief technology that adds to the comfort and accommodates the body more intimately. Below the layer of air-flow pressure foam, there lies HD Polyurethane foam with a depth of five inches. This makes the mattress more strong and durable. The memory mattresses are made with two or three types of advanced quality foam, set with different depths, one over the other. One rare variety of memory foam mattress is the Gel memory mattress, in which an amazing spongy Aloe Vera sheet is provided to give your body a very comfortable support. The gel formula gives a cooling effect and also reduces the bed humidity. So, the bed gives you a nice thermo feeling and maintains an even temperature of your body. Finally, it also relives body pains and improves blood circulation.

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