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Bar Stools

Bar stools are generally a kind of furniture used for seating. They are generally taller than usual chairs, occupy a very narrow space, and are usually minimalist in design. It is a tall stool, usually made of wood, metal or reinforced plastic, with foot rest that supports a person's feet, which would otherwise dangle due to the height of the bar stool—a very uncomfortable sitting position. Indeed. Bar stools are designed to be very narrow in order to fit in spaces that are usually crowded, such as pubs or bar houses. Generally, the seat height of this kind of furniture is about 36 inches, when designed for use in bars, and about 26 to 30 inches for use in private homes' kitchen counters. The form, size, and mobility of this chair makes it ideal for creating seating provisions for gatherings. Bar stools are also ideal for people who enjoy observing and watching their surroundings because it allows a higher view when the person is eating, drinking, or socializing. For this reason, bar stool sitting is usually one of the most popular in bars or pubs. The origin of bar stool is hard to determine. During the olden times in Rome, there already were taverns with paintings showing men sitting around a table on a high stool. Similarly, in ancient Egypt, tall stools were found inside tombs. These are believed to have once been used by Egyptian rulers. This kind of chair can also be traced back to ancient China, where small folding stools apparently were utilized. While old pictures show bar stools to be just simple pieces of furniture in the past, they have evolved and gained so much popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. From then on, they have become ubiquitous features of every bar, tavern, and restaurant. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of stools to choose from. They are available in different sizes, materials, colors and height. Some of these features are even adjustable. Bar stool design can also now also include armrests, as well as seat and back padding. They can be made suitable for indoor and outdoor places. Today, it is also being used in other types of businesses apart from bars and pubs, such as in ice cream parlors, billiard halls, outdoor bars of resorts. A bar stool is a type of tall chair, usually with a foot rest. It is designed for seating in a public house or bar because of its height and narrowness. It allows a higher view when eating, drinking, or socializing. It also creates an added layer to a space’s atmosphere, especially with the use of the proper kind of bar stool. Recently, bar stools have come out of its bar-type reputation and have become more popular in homes. Within a more intimate, personal space, they are usually placed by the kitchen counter or at a home bar. As in the case with public settings, the proper choice of bar stool style can help accentuate the theme of a home. Bar stools are usually made of metal or wood. Its designs range from the most basic and spartan to the most extreme intricate. Sometimes, the seats of bar stools also use polyurethane foam as padding for additional comfort. Rattan or bamboo can also be used as materials for bar stools, and these are especially appropriate for use in tiki bars and other beach-side bars. Designs are diverse for this kind of furniture. They can have armrests or without. They can be extra tall or extra short. They can be for the outdoors or for the indoors. Some has back support, while others do not. Swivel and floor mounted bar stools are common in commercial settings so it will less likely be moved, stolen, or used as a weapon. Usually, these stools are mounted on a column but stools with legs can also be secured to the floor using metal angles.  Furniture, while now used as a means to improve interior design, is first and foremost important for their function in any space. One of the best examples of the unity of function and architectural design in furniture is the bar stools, which have evolved from being a simple tool for seating and rest to an important design element. Bar stools are basically tall chairs, usually with a foot rest, designed for public seating in a public house or bar. Its most important design hallmarks are its height and its narrowness. Swivel and floor mounted bar stools are common in commercial settings so it will less likely be moved, stolen, or used as a weapon. Usually, these stools are mounted on a column but stools with legs can also be secured to the floor using metal angles. At home, bar stools are usually placed by the kitchen counter or a home bar, accentuating the theme of a home. They allow a higher view when eating, drinking, or socializing, and additional atmosphere, as long as the bar is right. Like other furniture, bar stools were originally made from simple pieces of wood and/or metal assembled to make a seat. Over the years, it has evolved to reflect the fashion and style sense of bar stool owners or its designer, in turn influencing one generation of furniture design after another. Today, most astute designers are getting diverse, already designing each stool from innovative designs to adaptations of historical models for various special needs, including carefully-made clones. Appearance is as important as function in creating bar stools. Thus, designing bar stools have now become a complex process even for the seemingly simple types of bar stools. This is particularly true today when the general tendency of home or building owners is to complement architectural interiors with the furniture. To answer this trend, designers are bar stools and other furniture are actually being conceived architecturally. Bar stools’ designs range from simple to elaborate, depending on its intended use. Because of its versatility and the way its designers were able to adapt its design to changing architectural trends, the use of bar stools is now becoming popular in almost every space.

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