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Give your living room a boost by adding some great furniture that will empower its look and style. A sectional coach or a sofa looks perfect if its complement your room aesthetic and your own lifestyle. If your living room has limited space a sectional coach may look great but if your space is wide enough a big sofa at the center looks perfect. When it comes to materials used, leather is the number one due to its durability and elegance. However if you have small kids and pets at home, microfiber is the best. It is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors.

In addition to your sofa or sectional coach, a loveseat or settees together with a sofa chair or recliner will make your living room seat complete. A loveseat has a low back which was specially designed to allow two persons sit comfortably. While settees have high backs that accommodate three persons. Recliner is a single setter, great if you want to relax after a stressful day. There are various type of recliner available in the market namely power recliner, manual recliner, rocker recliners, glider recliners, two-position recliners and wall recliners. Either of those types mentioned is great.

After you have completed your seating furniture, an ottoman or a coffee table is also great addition to it. They come in different shapes, sizes, finishes and styles. Choose the style that will suits to the design of your room. If it’s traditional a wooden coffee table is best but if your room is modern, a glass coffee table is perfect. For more comfort and usage there are coffee tables that has built-in shelves below which is perfect storage for some memorabilia like photo albums and books. Having this in your room will keep it organized. Don’t forget to add an ottoman to make it cozier.

End and side tables are furniture that goes along with the seat. It is often placed in both ends of the sofa and usually a perfect place for lamp shades, photo frame and other accessories. There are also tables that have built-in storage which is useful to keep magazines & books. Make sure that the table dimensions is proportion to the accessories you are going to place into it and always keep in mind that side or end tables next to coach or sofa must be shorter than the arm height.

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