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Mangano Chest White and Gray

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The Mangano Bed Set by ESF is a sophisticated and stylish bedroom collection. It features a contemporary design with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Crafted with high-quality materials, the set includes a sleek bed frame, complemented by matching furniture pieces that offer both functionality and elegance.

Bedroom Set included: Chest Only


The Mangano Bedroom Set by ESF is a remarkable blend of modern design and functional elegance, tailored for contemporary homes. This set is distinguished by its minimalist aesthetic, characterized by clean, straight lines and a subtle yet impactful visual appeal. Crafted from premium materials, the set promises durability and a long-lasting pristine look.

Key specifications include:

  1. Bed Frame: The centerpiece, available in various sizes, features a sturdy construction with a sleek, low-profile design. Its headboard, often highlighted with unique textural details or upholstery, adds a touch of sophistication.

  2. Nightstands: Complementing the bed are the nightstands, designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. They often include drawers for convenient storage, maintaining the set's sleek appearance.

  3. Dresser and Mirror: The dresser provides ample storage with multiple drawers, often accented with stylish handles. A matching mirror, typically large and framed, enhances the room's brightness and sense of space.

  4. Finish and Color: The Mangano set is known for its elegant finishes, often in neutral or muted tones, which easily blend with various color schemes and decor styles.

  5. Material Quality: High-quality woods, metals, and fabrics are used, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

This bedroom set by ESF is not just furniture; it's a statement of style and comfort, designed to create a serene and inviting bedroom space.

Product Features

The Mangano Bed Set by ESF is renowned for its exceptional features that combine style, comfort, and functionality. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Contemporary Design: The set showcases a modern, sleek design characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. This makes it a perfect fit for contemporary bedroom interiors.

  2. Quality Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the Mangano Bed Set ensures durability and stability. The craftsmanship focuses on both strength and style, making it a long-lasting investment.

  3. Elegant Finish: The set typically comes in elegant finishes, often in neutral colors like whites, grays, or earth tones, which add a touch of sophistication and easily blend with various decor styles.

  4. Comfortable Bed Frame: The bed frame is designed for comfort, with a supportive base that ensures a good night's sleep. The headboard is often a focal point, featuring unique designs or upholstered details.

  5. Spacious Storage: Accompanying furniture pieces like nightstands and dressers offer ample storage space. Drawers are smoothly operable and provide convenient organization options for bedroom essentials.

  6. Matching Furniture Pieces: The set includes coordinating pieces such as nightstands, a dresser, and sometimes a mirror, creating a harmonious and complete bedroom look.

  7. Customizable Options: Depending on the collection, there may be options to customize the set, such as choosing different sizes or additional pieces like chests or wardrobes.

  8. Easy Maintenance: The materials used are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the set retains its beauty over time.

  9. Versatile Style: While modern in design, the Mangano Bed Set has a versatile style that can complement various interior themes, from ultra-modern to more transitional spaces.

  10. Focus on Detail: Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the set, from the design of the handles on the drawers to the stitching on upholstered parts, reflecting a commitment to quality and aesthetics.

The Mangano Bed Set by ESF is a blend of functionality, elegance, and modern design, making it a popular choice for those looking to create a stylish and comfortable bedroom retreat.

Product Dimensions

Chest: 36" x 19" x 54"H

Bedroom Set included: Chest Only

Manufacturer and Warranty

1 year Manufacturer warranty

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