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Modern Queen Size Bedroom Set in White Finish Avanty by ESF

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The ESF Avanty King Size Bedroom Set, part of the Franco Spain collection, offers a modern aesthetic with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Characterized by its white finish and white eco-leather accents, this set includes a bed with a generic wooden slats frame. It's designed to bring a crisp, all-white color scheme to your bedroom, enhancing the space with a contemporary and serene vibe. The set is noted for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship, reflecting ESF's commitment to stylish, durable bedroom furniture.

Whats Included:
Queen Size Bed, Single Dresser, Mirror, 2 Nightsands and Wooden Frame for Mattress Support


The ESF Avanty bedroom set is a sophisticated and modern furniture collection that brings elegance and style to any bedroom. Here are its specifications and information:

Whats Included: 

Queen Bed, Single Dresser, Mirror, 2 Nightsands and Wooden Frame for Mattress Support

Brand: ESF Furniture
Color: Predominantly white, offering a clean and serene look.
Material: Made of MDF and wood veneer, ensuring durability and a high-quality finish.
Avanty Queen Size (QS) Bed: Measures 69 inches in width, 84 inches in depth, and 51 inches in height.
Avanty King Size (KS) Bed: Measures 85 inches in width, 84 inches in depth, and 51 inches in height.
Design: Part of the Franco Spain collection, known for its modern and stylish furniture.
Finish: The set features a high-gloss lacquer finish, enhancing its contemporary appeal.
Assembly: Requires assembly, with detailed instructions provided for convenience.
Origin: Made in Spain, ensuring European craftsmanship and quality.
This bedroom set is ideal for those seeking a modern, sleek design with functional features and a touch of luxury.

Product Features

Modern Design: Features a contemporary style, ideal for modern bedroom aesthetics.
Crisp White Finish: Offers a clean, all-white color scheme that creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
Eco-Leather Accents: The headboard and other elements feature white eco-leather for added luxury.
Quality Materials: Made with high-quality wood veneer and MDF for durability and elegance.
Franco Spain Collection: Part of the renowned Franco Spain collection by ESF.
Stylish Storage Options: Comes with modules featuring drawers for convenient storage.
Elegant Silver Accents: Silver lines across the headboard and cases enhance the set's visual appeal.
Versatile Bed Sizes: Available in different bed sizes to accommodate various room dimensions.
Crafted in Spain: Made in Spain, ensuring European quality and craftsmanship.

Product Dimensions

• King Size Bed: 85"W x 84"D x 51"H
• Queen Size Bed: 69"W x 84"D x 51"H
• Nightstand: 23.5"W x 16"D x 23.5"H
• Dresser: 47"W x 16"D x 40"H
• Mirror: 40"W x 2"D x 40"H

Manufacturer and Warranty

1 Year manufacturer warranty

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More Information

More Information
Color White
Bed Size: King Bed Size: King


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